Natural Statement

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Color additives are regulated by the FDA as “Certified” (Synethetic Colors) or “Exempt from Certification” (Commonly refered to as Natural) 

TruColor™ Natural Food Colors are “Exempt from Certification” by the FDA and are considered “Clean Label” they do not contain petroleum based synethetic FD&C dyes or artificial preservatives.

TruColor™  is “Exempt from Certification” where purity and use standards are regulated and batch certification is not required by the FDA to protect public health because TruColor™ is derived from plants, fruits, vegetables, roots seeds and minerals and do not pose a threat for consumers health.

TruColor, LLC applies the following internal definition to the term natural:

A Finished Color Additive derived from naturally occurring  raw materials that were processed without modifying the native chemical structure of the materials and or the combined natural structural components are derived from plants, minerals and or are nature identical in composition.