Hydrate & Decorate

GEL PASTE: (1:1 RATIO) ½ water tsp. to ½ tsp. powder (Less water for fondant)

When adding color to fondant or gum paste, use less than the recommended equal parts of water to concentrate the color so you don’t break down your fondant or make it too sticky, Use a dropper and drip drops of water to hydrate the powder, using the least amount of water possible.  Best results are achieved when the wet TruColor™ is very concentrated and completely dissolved.  Make sure the concentrated color is completely dissolved before folding in or adding to fondant or icing or you may see specks of undisolved color.  TruColor Yellow and any color that has “Turmeric” on the ingredient label will take more water to hydrate as this color is naturally thicker.


AIRBRUSH: (2:1 RATIO) ½ water and or alcohol to ¼ powder for shine colors.

Water for best results for most colors, the yellow airbrush color will dissolve and spray well with just alcohol.

Create the shade you desire: If you want a darker color add less water or a lighter color add more water, count drips or weigh product and water to duplicate color strength or replicate shade.  All TruColor™ Food Color Paint and Airbrush Color have been pH adjusted so there is no need to manipulate them with an acid (Lemon Juice) or base (Baking Soda).

It is important to spray or paint the colors on a “Dry” Surface of almost any food, Fondant, gum paste leaves or butter cream left to sit to form a slight crust. When completely dissolving the airbrush color powder you want to make a very light syrup consistency to cover nicely when sprayed, just thicker than water, but not too thick that you can’t pour it into your airbrush gun.

The Light reflective “Shine” colors made with natural minerals will always spray better with a “Siphon” airbrush or an airbrush gun that has a bottle underneath the airbrush gun, however most airbrush guns will work without the fine spray tip.  Mica particles like to settle to the bottom of the cup, lay flat and block the orifice.

How to Hydrate & Decorate

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