How to Hydrate & Decorate

TruColor Natural Food Color Paints and Gel Paste Powders are easy to use, simply add water to Hydrate and Decorate.

TruColor™ Natural Gel Paste Powder and Natural Food Color Paints are “State of the Art” Natural approved Food Colors that are sold in a dry powder form that the end user “Hydrates & Decorates” and they are unlike any other natural color you have ever used! Available  in AMAZING unprecedented rainbow of natural color hues and shades!

TruColor™ Natural Food Colors have an extended shelf life when stored in a dry form, in this arid state, just like a piece of dehydrated fruit there is very little water activity and mold, yeast or bacteria simply cannot grow.

We guarantee every color for a period of one year if stored properly (Kept dry, away from moisture, direct light & heat) unlike other so called “Natural” brands that sell you mostly water and or glycerin and a shelf life of a few months.

GEL PASTE POWDER:    The Starting point ratio for the Gel Paste Powder is 1:1  (One part water to one part powder)
AIR BRUSH POWDER: The starting point ratio the Natural Food Color Paint Powder is 2:1 (Two parts water to one part powder).
Use less water to make the color thicker or add more water to make the color thinner.
Make sure the color powder is completely dissolved before adding to icing or fondant or you may see specs of undissolved color.

To make bold rich natural color, add color to small amounts of icing or add small amounts of icing into color

until you reach a shade just lighter than you want the finished product to look.  The natural color will darken slightly as it dries in the icing.  If you add a small amount of natural color into a large batch of icing, you may only acheive pastel shades.  Often it is more effective and uses much less natural color to simply paint with a brush or airbrush on the surface of the icing after it forms a slight dry crust.  When painting you rarely have to wory about what pH, heat or other variables that may change a natural color.  An example would be TruColor Black, when added into a commercial fondant with an acidic preservative, the black color will shift towards purple because of the decrease in pH caused by the acid.  The best natural black color in the world can be achieved by painting TruColor on the surface of most food products with a slight dry crust.

Learn more about why natural color may change hue depending on what is “in” the food you are trying to color:

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Black and other “TruColor Natural Paints” on fondant and chocolate modeling paste.

Sugar Art by Shayne Greenman

Mixing TruColor Powder into Fondant: