TruColor Natural Food Color Paints and Gel Paste Powders are easy to use, simply add water to Hydrate and Decorate.  The starting point ratio for the Gel Paste Powder is 1:1 (One part water to one part powder) and the ratio for the Natural Food Color Paints are 2:1 (Two parts water to one part powder). use less water to make the color thicker or add more water to make the color thinner.

TruColor™ Natural Gel Paste Powder and Natural Food Color Paints are “State of the Art” Natural approved Food Colors that are sold in a dry powder form that the end user “Hydrates & Decorates” and they are unlike any other natural color you have ever used! Available  in AMAZING unprecendented rainbow of natural color hues and shades!

TruColor™ Natural Food Colors have an extended shelf life as they are in a dry form, in this arid state, just like a piece of dehydrated fruit there is very little water activity and mold, yeast or bacteria simply cannot grow.  We guarantee every color for a period of one year if stored properly (Kept dry, away from direct light & heat) unlike other brands that sell you mostly water and a shelf life of a few months.

A “Tru” American innovation, TruColor™ is made in the USA, is less expensive and more potent than other brands that offer natural color that simply cannot match the stability, hue, shade and brilliance!  TruColor™ Purple Grape & Purple Carrot extract are superior in color strength and 10 grams will color at least 25 pounds of icing a deep rich color! What’s more? TruColor is free of Artificial Preservatives!

TruColor™ Natural Food Color Paint, when sprayed with an airbrush gun or painted with a paintbrush on almost any “Dry Surface” the color will stay “Tru” and are more amazing and more stable than the artificial colors! Pink will not fade to white, Purple will not fade to blue like so often seen with artificial colors. TruColor™ is more stable and holds their color longer than the artificial colors even under display case lighting.  The TruColor™ Natural Food Color “Shine” light reflective colors, may be also sprayed with an airbrush gun or painted with a brush and work great on fondant, gum paste or buttercream icing that had been given time to form a slight dry crust and paint almost any “Dry” food surface! These amazing colors cover better than anyother color you have ever used and spray without spitting and spatering like the artificail colors are know to do.  TruColor applies evenly in brilliant hues and shades of natural plant and mineral based food colors.  You take the time to use the best ingredinents for your creations only to dump in tons of  synethetic color with artificial preservatives, finially what you have been waiting for is here at last, a safe alternative when adding color!



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