A Deep Passion

A deep passion for what we do!
We first became aware of the potential dangers of the artificial and synthetic ingredients when one of our kids was diagnosed with autism and behavior problems so severe he was “excluded” from school. We looked for anyway to improve our son’s health including through his diet. When we analyzed what we were eating we found an astonishing amount of questionable and suspect artificial ingredients in the food we consume daily. As we cleaned up his diet, it literally broke our hearts to see our son or any child excluded from brightly iced cakes and cookies and virtually excluded from these celebrations because of harmful synthetic and artificial ingredients.  At TruColor, LLC we have dedicated our lives to offering exceedingly brilliant natural colors derived from nature’s own fruits, vegetables, roots, seeds and minerals. Where we cannot claim that simply changing our son’s diet or that removing risks posed by artificial and suspect ingredients can cure anyone, it is a very good place to start!  A balanced and nutritious diet can have amazing and far reaching positive effects on a person’s daily life and give a strong foundation to build upon.

Most importantly a strategic and combined effort at home and school with everyone involved in our sons life including his doctor, therapist and teachers all working together has made a real impact in developing our son and bringing out his best atributes! At the time this was written our son was a Junior in High School with perfect marks, a strait “A” Student. As for his celebrations, they are filled with brilliant, stunning natural colors, full of vitamins, phytonutrients and antioxidant polyphenols, in other words food colors with health benifits, not health risks!

The South Hampton Six
The University South Hampton published a high quality study that directly links synthetic colors and artificial preservatives to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in children leading Europe’s Food Standards Agency (FSA) to recommend that six artificial colorings found in confections, candy, biscuits and soft drinks, ‘The Southampton Six’ be removed from food. In Europe almost every manufacturer complied, the research has also led to the European Parliament requiring clear labelling on food and drink to indicate the use of these colourings and warnings about their effects on attention and behaviour in children.*

*  http://www.southampton.ac.uk/psychology/research/impact/food_additives.page

TruColor is Born: We wanted to make a diffence in our  lives and community in our lifetime and when we were asked by our friends in the decorating community for natural colors we brought to bear our extensive experience in the food and color industry. We literally spent years developing TruColor™ Natural Food Colors to be the absolute best on the market so that everyone has the opportunity to decorate with the most amazing natural food color collection ever assembled.

Poppy 5

Gumpaste flowers created and painted by: Anand Kumar

We Welcome John Ryal to TruColor, LLC:
We have worked in the food industry for many years and together we have hundreds of years of combined experience in the food industry. We have held positions from a small family run confection company to one of the leading food color manufacturers.  John Ryal brings an exciting new aspect to bring TruColor into the future. John has extensive experience in the decorating supply industry, currently owns and operates Cake Crafts in Englewood Colorado with his beautiful wife Judy. John and has owned, operated and taken public numerous successful businesses before joining us here at TruColor®.

John previously held an international executive position with McDonald’s Corporation for many years where he has personally gained many valuable insights from Mc Donald’s Ray Kroc, who as we all know has built the most successful food operation in the world.
We look forward to John’s expertise and where he will  help lead TruColor™ into the future!