Natural Alternatives for ADHD (Cognitune)

Having kids ourselves with Autism and ADHD we are always looking for natural alternatives to help alleviate these symptoms and give our kids the support they need to grow into functional productive adults.  On our journey we found the “Smarter Health” work of Daniel Joseph, CEO and Founder, CogniTune, LLC.  We’re trying to draw much-needed awareness to safer and healthier remedies for ADHD and wanted to share with everyone so that we may all find a better path for the health of our kids and society.
Adderall and prescription ADHD medications can be highly dangerous if abused. These stimulants have many adverse side effects and are known to be quite harmful to children despite being FDA approved.

Since Adderall abuse has grown to epidemic levels, the CogniTune research team has compiled an article about the best all-natural alternatives to Adderall (updated for 2018).